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Tip of the Month

Do not frame your issues too narrowly or overlook other possible theories of relief. For example see Williams v. Maynard, 359 Md. 379, 388 (2000), FN 7.

Follow this link http://www.courts.state.md.us/opinions.html to read more about the cases listed above and the Reported Cases.

View actual courtroom performance
It is extremely rare for an attorney to be videotaped in either of Maryland's appellate courts, because it requires the court's permissioin to do so, and rarer still for such a recording to be available to the public.
A video CD of Ms. Young accompanies
Appellate Practice for the Maryland Lawyer, 2001 ed.
This book and LIVE Video CD is available through the Maryland Institute for Continuing Professional Education of Lawyers, Inc.

Tips On Finding an Appellate Attorney

Obviously, if you want an attorney to represent you in an appellate case in Maryland, you want a person who has experience in the Maryland appeals courts. If you have a name, and want to find out how much experience that person has, you can...

• Access a Maryland caselaw database.
• Conduct a search for that name.

The number of hits will tell you how many reported cases the attorney has. Reported cases represent the tip of the legal iceberg. The appellate experience of an attorney who has no hits cannot be confirmed. Conversely, an attorney with five reported cases has handled at least five appellate cases, and may have done more.

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